Hailee Steinfeld: New Face of Miu Miu and Juliet Capulet
Saturday, 2 July 2011 @ 16:09 | 0 notes

Hailee Steinfeld. She's really-really young, 14 years old and will be the new icon of Miu Miu. I had a sweater-like woolen cover top which I thought it as one of Miu Miu until I realised it actually labelled 'Myu Myu'.

But the other thing that makes me have any concern about this, is... this girl is going to be the portrayal of Juliet Capulet from Romeo & Juliet! It's directed by Carlo Carlie, and they said it's coming in 2012. Looking forward to this, since the previous one (Romeo + Juliet (1996), Leonardo DiCaprio starring) simply sux. They lamentably ruined William Shakespeare's creation by making the film like a comedy with modern settings! I regretted myself for buying the dvd especially because it was not cheap.

Guess who will play Tybalt? The unpredictable and well-known as a hottie from Gossip Girl. Psst, it's Ed Westwick

Oh no, I'm bleeding!

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