I Had the Greatest Person Ever..
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 @ 22:32 | 0 notes

It's neither my boyfriend nor bestfriend. Simply a woman who has known me since I opened my eyes..

Mum, my pride's wall is somewhat tough so I can make sure you wouldn't know any of your kindness I'm talking about here. Makasih karena udah nungguin aku les berenang. Makasih udah daftarin aku di John Robert Powers untuk menjadi anak gadis baik-baik. Nemenin beli high heels for the first time I officially own it. Buying me branded stuffs. Nyuruh aku minum susu yang engga aku suka (karena bikin eneg, mau muntahin itu), tapi karena susu itu banyak zat-zat yang kata mama bikin cantik dan dia bakal maksa terus sampe cairan itu mengalir di tenggorokan. Giving a lot of advices that I would be mad after seconds you say that.. karena itu semua terlalu banyak dan dia menjadi sangat cerewet. Pushing me for being nice to everybody. Dressing me like a barbie.. and I get mad again, saying that I had a better taste about fashion.

It doesn't matter how much I complain.. grumble.. about your finicky mouth. Probably you wouldn't know that in my heart, you're my only greatest mama.