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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 @ 13:42 | 0 notes

Last year, 11th of December. It was evening when I was on the phone with my little funny friend. I couldn't help but smirk hearing her excessive opinion about you. There I heard all the stories you've made in several past months. I was amazed to know a pathetic story about you and your ex-girlfriend. Sitting there, I was still wondering if you liked me or not. Half kidding, I told the girl about you ever looking for me, saying me cute... but hey, who could guess your mind?

The girl said tomorrow she wouldn't say a Happy Birthday to you. And it made me somewhat annoyed seeing her act as if you were really chasing after her. But I hoped you were just making a fool of her.. I hoped I could find someday that the one who you loved was just me. I shut the phone off, and the last word I said to the girl was, "Me too."

The 12th of December. I walked my feet to the class, and I passed you because my desk was next to yours. I found you talking with a girl.. I heard you mention my name as you smirked. Maybe you were talking behind me again. All I could say deep down in my heart was, please don't say anything bad about me again. I thought that day would be easier, but seeing your classmates say happy birthday didn't make me feel any better. Our eyes met.. and I saw thousand hopes light up your face. Did you expect the words of mine?

I was in two minds about saying it or not. I knew you're not turning fourteen everyday. I hold my peace as the day passed. There I was, swallowing my pride and too shy to say it to you. Two days had passed. But someone gave me your phone number. I looked down at my pink cellphone as I got home. I didn't know why saying happy birthday to you seemed so much important to me. You're attracting me. I couldn't resist you.

And there I was. Last year I said, "Happy Belated Birthday".