Vampires Suck! Sucks
Saturday, 11 September 2010 @ 20:51 | 0 notes

Vampires Suck Trailer

I don't know if I'm too retarded, because my cousin was the one who told me about this parody. She said the movie was horrible, too reckless and the faces were so far from the original. Quite enough to make me laugh for a day. It was excessively droll, although there were some crunchy :x I'm not going to rate good this movie, somehow. I just surfed around google and found many articles were titled like 'Vampires Suck' sucks or whatsoever. Yes, you hurt their feelings--Twilight die-hard fans. Beware, Canadians... they have some fun with you with a joke. And.. OH! Taylor Swift. Have they already been permitted by Swift to use her name?

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Walking Through A New Door...
Monday, 6 September 2010 @ 21:14 | 0 notes

Where are we now?

Oh yes, I believe you don't recognise me now. I've been lost, letting this tiny blog (aww) stranded alone here for months. Last time I updated was... no... February? I was reading back what exactly I've poured down in that February... and smiling :) you won't believe me, everything has gone all right. I don't know why clouds were flying up again, and moon forgot to fall down. God is good :) thank you so much, for letting me fly since back then. 

I started my life back as a senior high school student. A song Fifteen by Taylor Swift could describe how it feels. It's my freshman year and I'm gonna be here for the next three years in this town. But I didn't really hope any senior boys to wink at me ha. So far so good, I could say.. although there are STILL several obstacles around you wherever you are. I'm somewhat sensitive baby ._.

One of things I commit for insanity in my new school: joining dance club. Really, I never thought I would dare to do this. Not even I saw them girls dancing for demo on the field. I used to be sure my body was all stiff and cold, like vampire's (I wish), so no. Who could change my mind? Who else? :"> Okay, Imma bitch

Catch ya later.

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Let's Back to the Gossip!
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With this welcome sign, I officially declare.... I'm back! xoxo
Miss me? I would love to hear that you do, fellas.

mucho smooches,