Sugar, I'm Not Going Down
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 @ 14:58 | 0 notes

Because a person can't really cut me down. From the first--where it all started--nothing happened. Although it's striking until obvious to the eyes, and most people around can sense it well. They told me with a wide grin on their faces, convincing me and try to collect many evidences. I just smiled, lying that I'm not sure about that. That smirk I always avoid to see, trying not to get caught up. Absent-minded look that appears sometimes. And funnily, my faith doesn't seem to refuse. 

I never said I agree with them, yeah... but the flowing words seemed real to me. I lied that I don't like any of them, lying that maybe they are just an unfunny joke--though I know it isn't like a joke to me. It was unconsciously rising those stupid hopes, highly until I was sure I was seeing clouds above my head. Excessively, I couldn't stop smirking if I was thinking about that. 

Until it came to a day that brought me down that day. Hurt was killing me, but I tried to hide it. I didn't know what happened with me that day, asking myself why that thing's so precious in my heart. I'm so naive, because I never declared anything. My secret is mine. No matter how it looks to someone else, I always try to keep my lips sealed. Clouds were falling besides me, and hopes were drowning. I could feel falling for awhile, and then I said to myself that nothing really mattered to me. Something happened, and that's all. It may change something in my perspective, but who cares. Everything is okay and I'm just fine. 

I'm not going down, sugar.